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Lakshadweep is a part of the Indian subcontinent in the Arabian Sea and is known as the smallest union territory in India. Lakshadweep means "one million islands in Malayalam and Sanskrit". As its name suggests, these islands are very picturesque and provide an ideal holiday for those who love the beach, water sports and seafood.

The entire Lakshadweep is nothing but a cluster of small islands close to each other. It consists of a total of twelve coral atolls, five banks, three coral reefs and several islands. The place is close to the coast of Kerala and comes under the jurisdiction of the State of Kerala and the Kerala High Court. Kavarati is its capital and is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Indian subcontinent.

The Union Territory was formed on 1-11-1956. The state animal is a butterfly fish, and the state bird is a loose bend. The state tree is the roti fruit.

Census of India State-code for Lakshadweep : 31